Dr. Akhil Patel

  • Internal Medicine
  • 8 Years of Experience
  • Worked at VIPCare

Circle Medical
333 1st St, Suite A
San Francisco, CA94105

Dr. Akhil Patel

Internal Medicine

Education And Residency

University of Florida College of Medicine

Board Certified



Dr. Akhil Patel knew he wanted to be a physician after volunteering at the local hospital in middle school. After medical school, he had the opportunity to work throughout Florida in a variety of internal medicine clinics. One particularly unique experience he had was working in the Villages, Florida, which is one of the nation's largest geriatric communities. He likes meeting patients where they are and particularly enjoys working with young professionals who take ownership of their health. Dr. Patel has launched healthcare startups in the past, and recently relocated to San Francisco in order to be closer to the area’s entrepreneurial culture and be a part of healthcare innovation. He loves the water and has recently taken up sailing.

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