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Public Transportation and Parking Instructions

Public transportation is highly encouraged as minimal street parking is available. Two nearby parking garages can be used at your own expense.

Public Transportation

28th Street Station is the closest subway stop near the corner of 28th street and Broadway to the Lina Clinic. When you exit the subway on 28th street, take a right and walk to Fifth Ave, one block up. Cross Fifth ave and take a right. Once you reach the other side, Lina will be the revolving glass doors after Cafe 28. 

Subways and Bus Information

Please see the New York City Transit website for further information and to plan your trip.  

Parking Apps

Paid Parking Garages

  • Parking 29 - 10 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016
  • Aero Parking Garage - 10 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016
  • SP+ Parking - 7-11 W 29th St, Manhattan, NY 10001

Directions to Lina 

From the Building Lobby

When you arrive, if someone from the security desk asks you who you are there to see, please say Circle Medical on the 3rd floor. After you pass the security desk, take the elevators to the 3rd floor. Once you reach the 3rd floor, take a left off the elevator, and the Lina Medical Office will be on your right side with glass doors.

Patient Check-in Instructions

When you arrive at the Lina Medical office, please proceed to the kiosk check-in stations, where you can have a contactless check-in. Check yourself in by choosing Circle Medical as your provider and entering your first name and last initial when prompted. After your check-in is complete, please have a seat in the waiting area and wait for your provider to come to get you. There is additional seating in the hallway following the patient waiting area. 

All patients must check in and wait in the waiting area for privacy and security purposes.