The doctor's office that comes to your company

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On-Site Primary Care

For wellness exams, illness, injury, vaccinations, blood tests, chronic conditions, mental health, prescriptions and more.

Scope of Care

Request a Doctor

Our corporate wellness advisor will help arrange a doctor-is-in day. Together you’ll find the right date, time, and location.

Inform your employees

Let your employees know one week and one day before. We’ll provide you with an easy template you can use to email everyone.

Employees sign up

Employees book their appointment using the secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile app. Onboarding is fast and simple.

Set a regular schedule

After the visits, set a recurring schedule with your corporate wellness advisor to keep your empoyees happy and healthy.

Our doctors

Our primary care doctors are specialized in family and internal medicine. Each doctor has a unique story and adds their personal touch to your health journey.


Dr. Tom Ronay

Board Certified, Family Medicine, 9 years of experience

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Dr. Shalini Vaid

Board Certified, Family Medicine, 10 years of experience

Dr. Arnold Lee

Board Certified, Internal Medicine, 18 years of experience

Dr. Michelle Malcolmson

Board Certified, Internal Medicine, 12 years of experience

Dr. Ilana Seidel

Board Certified, Family & Integrative Medicine, 6 years of experience

Dr. Stacie Vilendrer

Stanford University, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. John Kouch

Board Certified, Family Medicine, 4 years of experience

Dr. Nicole Tsang

Board Certified, Family Medicine, 13 years of experience

Dr. Dagoberto Balderas

Board Certified, Family Medicine, 11 years of experience

Healthcare partners

Our doctors will coordinate care with the top healthcare organizations to get you the right specialists, testing, and medication.

Sutter Health
Nimble Px
Health Diagnostics

In-network with major health plans

Using your insurance works the same as a traditional doctor’s office. There are no membership fees. Scan your card in the app and we’ll verify your coverage. Pay just your office visit copay. Annual wellness exams are free with most insurance plans.

Julie W.

Julie W.


Hooray onsite flu shots! Easy and effortless. Thanks @circlemd for stopping by and keeping my office healthy :)

Frankie Warren

Frankie Warren


I got a YC backed flu shot from @circlemd today! SF friends, invite them to swing by your office.

Alex Baldwin

Alex Baldwin


Flu shots and physical without leaving the office, thanks @circlemd

Wells Riley

Wells Riley


Just got my yearly physical at work thanks to @circlemd – it was awesome. Strangely excited for my next one...

Larry Gadea

Larry Gadea


this is the future, I just got a Flu shot at work for free. thank you @circlemd!




Looks like I'm doing sales for @circlemd now. Told our office manager about their flu shots on-site and now we're signed up.

Giv Parvaneh

Giv Parvaneh


Office flu shot. Nice and easy. Thanks @circlemd - highly recommended.

Syed Ahmed

Syed Ahmed


Thanks @circlemd for dropping by the #gradberry offices and gives us our much needed flu shots, they were completely painless too 😀😀