Dr. Stotz Thoda
Board Certified, Family Medicine, 6 years of experience
Dr. Thoda says his most important role is that of listener and communicator. "My philosophy on health care is to provide patients with knowledge and an understanding of their own biology, physiology, and mental well being" he says. "I consider the whole person when I give recommendations so you can make the most educated decision. Practical, Attainable, and Preventive measures are always preferable to reactionary medicine, and this is a vital perspective I hope to instill in my patients." He says the best part of being a doctor is being humbled every day by the privilege of holding a vital role in people's lives. Before studying medicine, Dr. Thoda pursued a career in the music industry and worked for five years for a recording studio and record label in Tennessee. As a Pacific Northwest transplant, he's expanded his knowledge of the great outdoors and loves to hike and take in Timbers games. He speaks some Spanish, thanks to his Venezuelan grandmother.

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