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  • Board Certified, Family Medicine and Pharmacology
  • 10 Years of Experience

Matthew Caffey, PA-C
Family Medicine and Pharmacology

About Matthew Caffey

Matthew has been a PA for over ten years with a specialty in emergency medicine, family practice, and specifically also pharmacology. He is licensed in California and Florida and is also a professor who teaches PA students with multiple universities. Of note, he is an interesting provider who has worked overseas as well, living and practicing in Australia for five years. His main focus with being a clinician is listening to his patient's needs and making sure that both physical, mental, and other attributes of healthcare are being heard. From there, he enjoys developing the rapport with them to work on a shared plan to meet those needs. Otherwise, he is an avid explorer, who enjoys traveling and seeing the world; from starting in his local area (currently Jacksonville) to other areas such as the wilderness, beaches, and monuments of the world. Lastly, he enjoys spending time with his pupper (Nott the Brave) and is an avid cinema, comic, and pop culture buff.

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