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  • Board Certified, Internal Medicine
  • 8 Years of Experience

Dr. Thuy Tran
Internal Medicine

Speaks Vietnamese

About Thuy Tran

In your opinion, what should be the role of a primary care provider for a patient, taking into account both physical health and behavioral health needs? I see relationship as a 50-50 contribution. I can be as active as patients wished for me to play in their health and well-being while respecting boundary. What makes you passionate about being a healthcare provider? I enjoy connecting with people and help them with their health and well-being. I like to be able to help my patients navigate the challenges in healthcare. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you like to do in your spare time? When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family. I like playing piano, hiking and traveling. My family likes to travel to participate im bridge tournaments.

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