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Why our in-person appointment availabilities may be limited.

Why do I need to book an in-person appointment?

The Ryan Haight Act requires that patients receiving prescriptions for controlled substances via telemedicine first be evaluated in person by their medical provider. Through the Public Health Emergency declared during the pandemic, an exemption allows for controlled prescriptions to be issued without an in person appointment. We anticipate that the Public Health Emergency will end and that patients will need to be seen in person before they can continue to receive these prescriptions via telemedicine.

Why aren't there more times available?

We are currently only able to host a limited number of providers at our in-clinic locations. As a result in-person appointment timeslots tend to fill up rather quickly. If you currently receive a controlled substance through Circle Medical, we recommend booking your appointment as soon as possible to ensure continuity of care.

What is the risk of not booking an in-person appointment?

If the Public Health Emergency is declared over, all patients without an in-person appointment will be unable to seek treatment over video. In order to guarantee continuity of care, we recommend all patients book an in-person appointment at their earliest convenience.

Can I keep seeing my provider over video once I see someone else in person?

You can keep seeing your provider until the Public Health Emergency is over. At that point, your care will transfer to the provider you saw in person.

What if I do not see this appointment type available in the Circle Medical app?

We are in the early testing phases for this appointment type and rolling it out progressively based on patient location. If you do not yet see this appointment type available, no action is needed. We will reach out when it is available in your area.

What's the deadline for seeing a provider in person?

The Public Health Emergency will end on May 11, 2023.  Once the Public Health Emergency expires, and unless other changes to the regulations are made, an in-person appointment will be needed prior to the issuance of controlled substances via telemedicine. We recommend booking this appointment now in order to avoid a potential disruption of care.

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