What to expect

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Thank you for booking a sleep appointment with Circle Medical! Here are a few important things for you to know.

Next steps in your care

1 - Video appointment

First, make sure to download the Circle Medical app and check in using the email you used to book the appointment.

During your appointment, you and your provider will have an in-depth, personal discussion about your sleep issues. Based on the outcome, your provider will determine whether or not a sleep test is right for you. If we don't suspect your insomnia will be improved by an at-home test, we can treat you for a number of other potential underlying conditions.

Download the app and check in now to avoid the $50 no-show fee

2 - Device delivery

If you are a candidate for an at-home Night Owl sleep test, our partners at Sleep MD will verify your benefits and send a payment link for your sleep test via text message.

Once you pay, your device will automatically be shipped and you will receive a tracking link via email. Shipment takes between 3-5 business days.

More details about the process are below:

  • You will receive a payment link via an SMS text message from The Sleep MD
  • After payment you will receive a shipping email with tracking from HSATPRO
  • You will get an email from VirtuOx, makers of the Night Owl, with general information about your at-home sleep study device
  • An activation code for your device will be sent to you via an SMS text message before the device is delivered
  • Lastly, your Night Owl sleep study device will arrive at your home from HSATPRO


As low as $0

Uninsured / Out of network


3 - Sleep test

Using the Night Owl sleep device is as easy as wearing the device for two consecutive nights as you sleep. The companion mobile app will automatically upload the results for analysis!

4 - Diagnosis and treatment

With your sleep test results in hand, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss your sleep-related diagnosis and establish a personalized treatment plan.

Our Sleep Test partners

Night Owl from VirtuOx and HSATPRO

VirtuOx are there makers of the Night Owl at-home sleep device, the most convenient FDA-approved option on the market today. If you need to be tested, this device will be shipped to your home by HSATPRO.

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The Sleep MD

A leading team of certified sleep specialists led by Dr. Omavi Bailey. Sleep MD will send your Night Owl device and analyze your results, empowering your Circle Medical provider to properly diagnose and treat your sleep condition.

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