What to expect

If you have any other questions, feel free to send them via the chat feature in the app.

Thank you for ordering a sleep test! Here's what to expect.

Next steps in your care

1 - Confirm order

You will be prompted to confirm your shipping address, payment method/insurance status, and sign a sleep agreement form by the Circle Medical team prior to placing your order.

2 - Device delivery

After the verification process is complete, your Wesper at-home sleep study device will be ordered and mailed to your home within 3-5 business days.

3 - Sleep test
  • Your Wesper device will arrive with instructions to download their app and to connect the Wesper sleep study device to perform your sleep study!
  • Perform your sleep study for TWO nights BACK-to-BACK
  • Finally, you must mail back your Wesper device, via the prepaid envelope, within 30 days of receiving the device
Sleep Study Result
  • A board-certified sleep specialist will review your TWO-night sleep study data and will choose the night with the most accurate sleep data, with the most sleep data, to interpret. 
  • Your interpreted results will be sent to your Circle Medical provider within 3-5 business days to review with you during a follow up appointment.
  • Book a follow up appointment to discuss your sleep results.

Our Sleep Test partners

WESPER sleep device

The compact design is made of soft-touch material and is attached to the skin with gentle adhesive, making the Wesper at Home Sleep Test as comfortable as any other night.

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