What to expect with ADHD appointments

If you have any other questions, feel free to send them via the chat feature in the app or visit our Help Center


  • Make sure you have the app downloaded and are signed into your account.

  • You will be sent a questionnaire to complete within the app before your first appointment.

  • If you have any previous ADD/ADHD diagnoses or relevant medical records, please email them to . Be sure to use the same email address as your Circle account’s email address.

Download the app and check in now to avoid the $50 no-show fee


  • Your provider will use this first 30 minute appointment to understand your medical history and symptoms.

  • At the end of your appointment, your provider will determine the appropriate next step. If an ADD/ADHD diagnosis seems appropriate for you, your provider will book you for a 20 minute follow-up appointment.


  • If appropriate, your provider will request other medical records to be submitted before your second appointment.

  • Your provider will also run clinical checks to verify any previous controlled substance prescriptions you may have had.


  • Your provider will use this 20 minute appointment to go over your treatment plan, including any controlled substance prescriptions, other prescriptions, and regular check-in appointments to maintain treatment.

  • You’ll have regular check-in appointments with your provider to make sure that your treatment is continuing to go well.

  • You can use Chat to message your provider and care coordinator at any time if you have questions.

  • If you ever need to reschedule your appointments, you can do so through the app. Please give us at least 24 hours notice.