Billing and Insurance
How and when our appointments get billed.
At Circle Medical, we believe that delightful primary care should be accessible to all. We work hard to make pricing and insurance information as transparent as possible, and to resolve any issues our patients have around these issues in a timely manner.
How appointments get billed

Add your insurance information and payment details during the appointment booking process. At the confirmation screen you will see a price estimate.

Complete your appointment.

We have insurance, we will send the claim to your insurance provider, at which point they will process the payment and return to us an amount owing (your cost). If you selected to pay cash, your card will be charged shortly after the appointment.

We will send you an invoice through the app and automatically charge the card on file.

If you need to update your insurance or payment information, you can do so on the account page in the app. If you have any questions about your billing, or want to dispute a claim, reach out to us through the in app chat and we can help resolve your issue.

Important note
Some labratory appointments (blood draws, for example) may result in an additional charge from the labratory. In order to avoid a surprise bill, call your insurance company before your appointment and ask about the specific procedure and location.