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*75% of patients that used accepted insurance to pay for Video ADHD Appointments paid $40 or less per appointment.

What plans are in network?

We are in network with most PPO plans, including, but not limited to:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Healthcare
  • Anthem
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Blue Shield of California
  • UMR
  • Health Net
  • Brown & Toland Physicians
  • Meritain Health
  • Hill Physicians
  • Many more

What plans are NOT in network?

Due to regulations, we cannot treat MediCaid or MediCal patients, even if they are cash pay.

When will I be charged?

I'm paying out-of-pocket

You will be charged the full cash price as soon as your appointment is complete.

I want to use insurance

As soon as your provider finishes your appointment summary, we will send your appointment details to your insurance company so they may adjudicate your claim. They will review the claim and return to us the balance that you still owe (typically within 72h). Once we receive the balance owing, we will automatically charge your card on file.

Frequently accepted plans with

 Blue Cross insurance logoUnited Healthcare  insurance logoAnthem  insurance logoAetna  insurance logoCigna  insurance logoBlue cross blue shield of california  insurance logoUMR  insurance logoHealth Net  insurance logoBrown and Toland Physicians  insurance logoMeritan Health insurance logoHill Physicians  insurance logo

Many more!

Why Circle Medical

Over 1 million

Video appointments held


Patients cared for

Insurance accepted

In network with most HMO plans


Clinics in the USA


Available providers

Therapy referrals

Available for patients in need

How care works

Intake appointment (30 min)

  • Your provider will review your medical and gender affirming history with you.

  • We will ask you for your previous provider so that we may coordinate having your medical records sent over to our practice.

  • Your provider will order blood work, if needed.2

$100 cash pay
$0-40 average copay1 for insured patients*

2 week follow up (20 min)

  • Your provider will review the results of your blood work, your medical records, and discuss informed consent3.

  • Your provider will create a care plan that is unique to you and answer questions you may have about care4.

$100 cash pay
$0-40 average copay1 for insured patients*

Check-in appointments every 3 months5 (20 mins)

Follow up appointments may occur with your provider every 1-3 months to ensure that you are meeting your gender affirming goals. If medically appropriate, your provider may discuss adjustments to your dosage and care plan as well

$100 cash pay
$0-40 average copay1 for insured patients*

Additional information

* This an example of the cadence most care plans tend to follow. However, your care plan and cadence may vary based on your individual medical history and other factors.

(1) Co-pay costs will depend on your individual insurance plan, but are typically in the $0-$35 range per appointment. You can see a copay estimate if you begin to book an appointment with Circle Medical.

(2) Your provider will review your most recent blood work, especially if it is within the last 3 months, and determine if additional blood work is necessary. Blood work requirements will be determined by your provider during an appointment. Costs will vary based on lab and blood work required.

(3) Circle Medical does not always require a therapist letter in order to confirm informed consent. Please read through the FAQ for more details.

(4) PLEASE NOTE: A hormone prescription, or any other medications, are not always guaranteed. Your primary care provider will review your past medical history and blood work to determine which care options are right for you.

(5) This is Circle Medical's standard practice for ongoing care.

We accept most PPO plans

If you want to verify if your plan is covered with us, select an appointment time and create an account to submit your insurance. You will not be required to book an appointent.

Want to know more about pricing? Read our FAQs

We can't accept patients with Medicaid or Medi-Cal insurance.

4.98 (1,759)

In the last 180 days, 1,759 patients have given their Hormone Therapy providers an average rating of 4.98 / 5, with 97% of respondents giving a 4 or a 5.

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avg. copay

Cash pay price (per appointment)


No memberships or hidden fees

Paid by insurance (avg)


Your total (avg)


*Over the last 12 months, 75% of insured Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy patients have paid $40 or less. Costs are estimates and may change according to your deductible. For a definite price, call your insurance company.

One practice for all of your primary care needs.

Many telemedicine providers will only treat you for hormone therapy - but you and your health are more complex than any one issue.

At Circle Medical, we treat the whole patient. This means the next time you need to discuss any Primary Care-related issue, you’re already where you need to be.

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Join 65,000+ patients taking control of their health at Circle Medical.

As a full-service, adult-only, primary care practice, Circle Medical's team of board-certified providers specialize in treating the whole you.

The Circle Medical Difference:

100% board-certified primary care providers

Takes into account your full health picture

Compassionate, comprehensive, evidence-based care

25+ clinics and an easy-to-use app

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Dr. Nicole Tsang

Board Certified, Family Medicine, 17 years of experience

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Kerri Taylor, PA-C

Board Certified, Primary Care, 3 years of experience

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Jeanne Bird, PA-C

Board Certified, Family Medicine, 20 years of experience

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350+ Providers.
100% Confidence.

Held to an exceptionally high standard of evidence-based care.

All providers

Circle Medical is making delightful healthcare accessible. To everyone.

Who is a good candidate for HRT?

Gender-affirming hormone therapy aims to align an individual’s characteristics with their gender identity with the use of hormones. 

Our practice provides both masculinizing and feminizing gender affirming care, when medically appropriate, for adults 18+. Receiving gender-affirming hormone therapy is a personal decision.

Our goal is to make sure that all people 18+ who want to do so can access safe, gender-affirming care from experienced clinicians. 

If you decide that gender affirming hormone therapy is right for you, and is clinically indicated, your provider would assist with:

  • Feminizing hormone therapy with estrogen, progesterone, or a hormone blocker (such as spironolactone or finasteride).

  • Masculinizing hormone therapy with the use of testosterone. These could be in the form of pills, topical creams, or a self injection. Your provider will assist you in deciding the right care plan for you.

How can I learn more about Circle Medical’s trans care?

If you have questions and would like to learn more about your options, we recommend booking an intake appointment to speak with a provider. We accept most PPO insurance plans and do not require a membership, so that it's easier for you to meet with a provider.

As a patient, you will have unlimited access to message your provider and your care team through our secure in-app chat.

Prescriptions for hormones (such as testosterone, estradiol, or progesterone), hormone blockers (such as spironolactone or finasteride), hair loss medications (such as finasteride), and erectile function medications are all available through our practice and may be prescribed if they are appropriate for your specific situation..

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Don't take our word for it.

We treat over 50,000 patients every month. Here's what they have to say.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the future of healthcare. I’ve transitioned all of my primary care to Circle Medical as well as my ADHD management. I’m amazed at the weekend and off-hour options, which are a lifesaver for a busy professional like myself. I recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get a PCP or evaluated for ADHD. Your customer service is top-notch and I’ve never had an issue with insurance or my prescriptions. I’m so glad I found your company!


My provider is wonderful and so accomodating. I've been to psychs in the past that have been very rude and clearly wanted to get the visit over with ASAP, but she never rushes, she listens to me cite my complaints and praises about my current treatment plan, and then responds with true care.


I am very happy with their service, especially after bad experiences with other companies. My provider is very helpful, attentive and genuinely seems to care. Medicine orders are quick and they do what they promise.


I love how well-informed and empathetic my PCP is. It has been the best psychiatric provider experience I have had thus far in my life, I trust her so much more than my previous providers.


My provider has made all the difference. She honestly and genuinely goes out of her way to help me. As a person with serious ADHD all my life I found someone who makes the difference In how I feel. She always has my very best interest at heart. She’s an incredible person and I feel that she has empathy and believes in what she’s doing.


Very convenient. I was shocked that I could get inexpensive mental health services so quickly. Very pleased.


I love not having to wait before my appointment begins in the lobby and not having to drive there also saves time. It was also great when I had COVID, as I did not have to expose anyone and still could get medical help. I also got life changing diagnosis of ADHD through Circle Medical. I LOVE MY PROVIDER, she is amazing!


The turnaround time to get an appointment and see a provider was so quick and easy; everything is setup with the neurodivergent brain in mind from the way the app is designed to appointment reminders and calendar syncing. My provider made me feel heard and she kept our appointment focused on the task at hand (so important for adhd minds!)


Appointment availability. I cannot get an in-person appointment in my city for 6 weeks. This app allowed me to connect with a medical professional the next day. (Same-day was available as well.) And professionalism. I felt that in my two appointments I was treated with respect, not judged, and I was able to express my issues and thoughts to someone who was actually listening.


I could not believe that I got an appointment for ADHD within hours. I had a terrible time trying to get an appointment with the group my insurance recommended. The health practitioner is knowledgeable and kind, and I feel like I'm getting both good physical and psychological support.


I rated you a 10 because firstly my experience was excellent, the provider was very professional and easy to talk to, and the medication she recommended seems to be working great!


ADHD assessment was tailored to adult women, the expert gave nuanced additions and clarification to questions or statements. I feel much better-equipped to handle life and am making progress in ways that seemed impossible before.


As someone who has ADHD, simply setting up an account on the site was so easy. You can tell that this was made with neurodivergent people in mind. Things are just SIMPLE.


Easy platform and scheduling, helpful especially when it’s hard to find mental health care.


This system, the efficiency, and care behind it is the best that I have come across. I have been uncomfortable addressing issues like ADD and ADHD as an adult, so I put this off for years. My provider has already helped in 2 sessions. I have to say, I am already feeling better simply taking the initial steps. A big thanks to this team!


Finding a good and reliable remote healthcare provider to diagnose and treat ADHD is extremely difficult. Circle Medical has made this process easy for me and I am thankful I chose Circle Medical.


I put off my mental health for a long time. It took me a lot of courage just to click Book Appointment. It was so easy, the first appointment was great and constructive, The second was scheduled for 3 days later, and I got a treatment plan from my Mental Health Professional within hours.


I recommend Circle Medical because there’s no other app that actually just goes straight to the point in helping your needs; that being needing ADHD diagnosis or anything else that has to do with with your physical and mental health. There are no complications with speaking with the Circle Medical Team let alone any problems period.


I felt heard. I felt educated by the provider. There’s so much stigma and such a shortage of psychiatrists, I felt alone and judged, but Circle was different.


It is so difficult to access mental health care services right now especially for ADHD, I have received immediate and responsive care that has already improved my quality of life, thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy

Can anyone receive gender-affirming hormone therapy through Circle Medical?

Yes, anyone who is 18+ and permanently resides in a state that we service is eligible for gender-affirming hormone therapy through our practice.

There may be instances where your provider may recommend that you see a specialist for gender affirming hormone therapy based on your history. The decision to provide care is always up to the providers discretion

How does the process work? Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

During your first appointment, your provider will establish your medical history and ask whether you have had labs done.

If you don't have labwork done yet, your provider will place a lab order in to a location near you. Your results will be uploaded to the app automatically.

Some providers may request that you obtain a letter from a therapist indicating that you have spoken with them about gender-affirming care. You can upload this letter via the app. Note that this letter request is at the provider's discretion.

You can use our in-app chat to message your care team and provider as you complete the labwork. Once you have the needed items indicated by your provider and a completed first appointment with Circle Medical, you are ready to begin hormone therapy.

If medically indicated, your prescriptions will be sent to a pharmacy near you.

You will then follow up with your provider at an agreed upon cadence to see how your care plan is going and to ensure you are meeting your gender affirming goals.

Am I required to have a letter from a therapist prior to beginning gender affirming hormone therapy?

Circle Medical practices care in alignment with WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) Standards of Care. A therapist letter is not always a requirement in order for patients to have access to gender affirming care.

Often, we will not require a letter from a therapist or mental health professional prior to beginning gender affirming care. However, there are select times in which we may ask for a letter from a therapist, or mental health professional. For example, we may ask for a letter if a patient is unsure of their gender affirming goals and/or is new to exploring gender affirming therapy and is unsure whether starting gender affirming care is right for them. 

Our goal is to improve access to high quality and delightful primary care. Gender affirming care is within the scope of primary care and we are focused on creating a safe environment for people to receive care.

What states do you operate in?

To see a list of states, please start booking an appointment. You will be able to select from a list of all of the states where we are currently practicing.

You must be currently residing in the state of care as well as have your primary pharmacy be in that same state in order to be a patient at our practice.

How do I know if hormone therapy is right for me?

The decision to start your transition is a deeply personal one. We recommend booking a video appointment to speak with one of our experienced clinicians to get your questions answered. All of our clinicians are primary care practitioners, which means that they are experienced in providing care beyond gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Your clinician will be able to discuss your care options with you and answer any questions you may have, about gender-affirming care or about any other health topic you may want to discuss in a safe environment.

How does lab testing work?

Your provider will be able to place a lab order to a lab near you to get bloodwork and hormone monitoring completed. Your results will be uploaded automatically to the app, where you can view and download them at any time.


What type of provider am I seeing through Circle Medical?

Our providers are primary care providers (MD's, DO's, NP's, and PA's) who have experience in providing gender-affirming care and behavioral health care. They are allies and proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We encourage you to read more about each provider on their profiles above!

Do I need to book my appointment with a doctor (MD or DO), or can I book my appointment with any provider (PA-C, NP, etc)?

You do not need to book your appointment with a doctor. You can book your appointment with any provider that we have available. Our providers all work closely together to make sure that we are providing the same excellent standard of care to all patients regardless of which provider you book your appointment with. The type of provider you book with will not limit the type of care or medications that you are able to be prescribed.

How long are the appointments?

The first intake appointment is 30 minutes. Follow-up appointments are 20 minutes each.


What is the total cost of gender-affirming care and my care plan?

We accept most major PPO plans and we do not have any membership fees or ongoing membership requirements. The only cost that you have from our practice is the cost per appointment (see below for appointment cost estimates).

Your other costs include the cost of the medication(s) at the pharmacy (we recommend using GoodRx coupons to lower this cost), and the cost of any lab work or hormone testing at the lab.

With Insurance

$5 - $50 average copay* 1st appointment
$5 - $50 average copay* 2nd appointment

$10 - $100* total, with $5 - $50* monthly follow-ups once stable.

*Note: Your specific copay is dependent on your health insurance coverage. We typically see patients with copays of around $0-$50 per appointment, but this can be higher if you have a high-deductible plan and have not yet hit your deductible this year. To confirm your specific copay estimate, you can click to book an appointment and you will be asked to input your insurance information so that you can receive your cost estimate before confirming the appointment.

Our ability to estimate your costs is dependent on your healthcare insurance's database, so we do not guarantee that the estimate you see is the exact amount you will be billed. For the most accurate estimate of your per-appointment costs, we recommend calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card to ask your insurance plan what your primary care appointment costs are.

Without Insurance (out of network or uninsured)

$100 per appointment

Your specific follow-up appointment timeline may vary depending on what your provider recommends.


What insurance do you accept?

We contract with most PPO insurance plans. If you are a California Bay Area resident, we also work with a small number of HMO plans.

To verify if we work with your insurance, simply start booking an appointment online. You will be prompted to enter your insurance details and will receive eligibility results instantly as well as an estimate of your appointment cost prior to confirming your appointment.

Some PPO plans that we currently work with are:

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Health Net, Humana, and United Healthcare.

Plans that we cannot work with are:

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide care for patients who have Medi-Cal or Medicaid insurance. This is because we are not licensed Medi-Cal or Medicaid providers, so we are not able to provide care, even if these patients choose to pay cash instead of use their insurance. If you have Medi-Cal or Medicaid, please do not book an appointment with us, as we will be unable to provide care even if you do not enter your insurance information. We apologize about this.


What do I need to do to prepare for my first appointment?

After booking your first appointment, download the app and make sure that you are able to sign in. Confirm your appointment start time in the app (all times are in your phone's local time). No other actions are needed.

You will receive an in-app chat message 1-2 minutes before your appointment start time with the link to join your video appointment.

What happens after I am prescribed?

After you are prescribed medications, we will coordinate sending these prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy. We may have a mail-order prescription delivery service available; please ask your provider about this.

We will contact you via the in-app chat regarding ongoing refills and follow-up appointments. Your specific follow-up appointment cadence will be determined by your provider.

If you have questions at any time, please feel free to chat with your provider and care team via our secure app.

Talk to a provider about Hormone Therapy today.

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Same-day Availabilities

Read more about Hormone Therapy

Overview of feminizing hormone therapy

Feminizing hormone therapy is a medical intervention that helps individuals match their physical attributes more closely with their gender identity. This typically involves medications such as estrogen, progesterone or hormone blockers.

Estrogen is a hormone predominantly found in females. Estrogen triggers the growth of secondary sexual traits. Changes may include the development of breasts, a decrease in muscle mass and redistribution of body fat. Meanwhile, hormone blockers slow the production of testosterone, minimizing its influence on the body. This helps to reduce physical characteristics typically associated with males.

Remember to regularly consult your health care provider throughout feminizing hormone therapy. They can help monitor progress, manage side effects and adjust treatment as needed.

Overview of masculinizing hormone therapy

Masculinizing hormone therapy is a medical intervention that helps individuals match their physical attributes more closely with their gender identity. Masculinizing hormone therapy uses testosterone in the form of pills, topical creams or self-injection.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the emergence of secondary sex characteristics typically associated with males. Changes such as growth of facial and body hair, increased muscle mass and voice deepening may occur when taking testosterone. 

Remember to consult your health care provider throughout your masculinizing hormone therapy. They can monitor progress, help manage side effects and adjust your treatment as necessary.

How to start online hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as an adult

If you’re interested in starting hormone replacement therapy, finding a primary care provider will be the first step. Make sure to choose a provider that offers HRT and understands the needs of LGBTQ+ patients, like Circle Medical. 

Once you find a provider, the first step will be an intake appointment. This involves reviewing your medical history with your provider, discussing your goals for HRT and having blood work ordered. You will then schedule a follow-up appointment where your provider will review your blood work with you and, if appropriate, prescribe the appropriate HRT medications.

It’s important to understand that hormone replacement therapy is an ongoing process that requires patience and an open dialogue with your health care provider. After starting HRT, you will have follow-up appointments to track progress, adjust dosage as necessary and discuss any changes or side effects you experience. By working with your health care provider, you can make significant steps to align your physical characteristics with your gender identity.

How to get a quality LGBTQ+ health care from the comfort of your home

It can sometimes be difficult to access LGBTQ+-focused care, especially if you live in a remote or rural area. Fortunately, there are online solutions. Circle Medical is a full-stack primary care clinic that offers comprehensive LGBTQ+ care.

It’s easy to make an appointment to discuss HRT with a Circle Medical provider. You can make an online appointment that is convenient for your schedule and speak to a provider from the comfort of your home. Make an appointment with Circle Medical today to get started on your healthcare journey.

4.98 (1,759)

Full names have been changed in compliance with federal patient privacy laws.

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Real Hormone Therapy patient reviews


I have nothing but good things to say. Very professional, detailed, and  polite. The best experience I‚Äôve ever had with a medical professional.


I appreciate it a lot with my follow ups and medication for my journey along  the way.


Always friendly! I always feel comfortable talking to him and he asks me  my thoughts on his treatment plans and allows it to be more of a collaborative process.  I love it!


Ms. Smith has been the best PCP I have ever worked with. I'm very glad for  both my physical and emotional health, she listens to every one of my concerns and  ACTUALLY addresses them!


Very kind and informative. Absolutely one of the best interactions I have ever had with a health care provider.


I amso grateful to have found Dr. Mirza. She was warm, patient, wise, and always leaves me feeling seen and heard.


Daniela was great. She explained the process of care and path quite well.  I felt seen, heard, and posessed self agency during the visit. I would highly recommend  Daniela.


I love Dr Fontanilla. I have never felt so comfortable receiving gender  affirming care before. thank you so much Dr Fontanilla!!!


What a phenomenal person Mia is. She was kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  I am grateful to her for her fantastic care and looking forward to talking further  with her about my journey. Thanks Mia!!


She is awesome as always. She always make sure that I feel better and comfortable.  She really takes good care of my health too. She does not just give me meds but  made sure that I'd be healthy. You can ask her anything without feeling anxious.


Awesome Doctor, Listens and Cares.


Elizabeth is amazing! She takes excellent care of me during appointments  and in-between


My first time ever having a consultation about hormone therapy and Dr. Ibarra  made it the best!


I am so happy with Dr. Lauren, she has been so understanding and compassionate  towards my health and wellbeing. I would give her a 1000 star rating if it left  me. Much Light, Love and Positivity to Dr. Lauren and all of the wonderful folks  at Circle Medical


Excellent bedside manner honest and trustworthy. A fantastic Physician and  a amazing ally to have throughout my transition journy. She will slow me down if  its needed and i always feel shes doing her due dilligence in my case.


She has a level of care i need and i was pleasantly surprised at the depth of social concern she has. Im excited to continue working with her!


Katelyn was very helpful and provided a lot of great direction in our conversation.  I felt like she genuinely cared about my medical needs, and was a great conversationalist,  in addition to providing great care.


Love the convenience of the video consultations for refills on my ADHD medication!!! This is wonderful!!! Also love my health practitioner— he is fantastic!!! A++++++

1,000+ more reviews available upon request.

Verify your insurance coverage without entering payment details.

To see if your plan is in network, select a provider and time and create an account. You will be able to check if your plan is in network without having to confirm your appointment or enter any payment information.

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