Great change requires a great team.

Join our mission to create the technology that enables quality, delightful primary care for everyone on the planet.

Our values

Care deeply for patients

We create delightful moments that raise the bar for the patient experience.

Do more with less

We always use less — words, features, code, money, people — where we can. We say no to good ideas so we can focus on doing fewer things well.

Be honest and transparent

We default to transparency as it helps our values and products spread faster.

Move uncomfortably fast

We move with urgency because it is the only way to make our vision a reality. We have a bias towards action, growth and scale. If we’re not uncomfortable, we’re not moving fast enough.

Think like an owner

We are all owners with a stake in what we’re creating. We care about results, not effort. When confronted with problems, we seek solutions and not ways to place blame.

Embrace diversity and be curious

A diverse team helps us see problems from different perspectives and leads to better solutions. We promote a kind and psychologically safe environment.

Benefits & Perks of Working at Circle Medical

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You will improve access to quality health care.

We’re looking for smart, ambitious people to help us build the future of primary care, online and in-clinic for hundreds of thousands of people. Join us and make a real impact in the world.

You will own a stake in what you’re creating.

Part of attracting and retaining top talent is an excellent compensation package. We believe in pay transparency and offer competitive salary & equity in a company that is experiencing explosive growth.

You will take your health seriously (obviously!)

When you feel your best, you do your best. In addition to work-life balance, we offer sick days, mental health/wellness benefits and comprehensive health benefits for yourself and the people you love.

You will have the opportunity to grow.

As a fast-growing company, there's lots of opportunity for advancement and to work with different teams and technologies. We care about continuous feedback and open dialogue.

Our offices

San Francisco (HQ)

Our main clinic and headquarters, complete with a coworking space

Beverly Hills

Full service primary care clinic

New York City

Primary care clinic with coworking offices


Our main office for support, product, design, and engineering.

Join the Circle Medical Team today.

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