Check-in: ID Verification
Maintaining HIPAA compliance without compromising the patient experience.
Part of providing responsible care is ensuring that the person we are speaking with is who they say they are. Our ID-Verification solution allows us to use a piece of government ID (typically a driver’s license or passport) to confirm your identity within seconds rather than sending photos of your ID to our email.
How it works

Book an appointment with one of our 70+ qualified providers.

Download the app on Android or iOS and log in with the email you used to book your appointment. You will be prompted to create a password to secure your account.

During check in, you will be asked to verify your ID. Follow the prompts on the phone to take pictures of the front and back of your ID and submit.

If your ID isn’t verified instantly, you will be able to check on the status of the verfication in your account page in the app. This page can be accessed by tapping the settings icon in the top right of any screen.

Receive delightful primary care from your Circle Medical provider. Your provider may ask you a few questions if the results of the IDV were inconclusive.

Important note
Anybody that is found to be using a false identity will be immediately terminated as a patient. We stand firm in our commitment to provide delightful primary care to those that need it.