Choosing a Provider
Selecting the best fit provider for you.
A primary care provider is a very important person in your life - you want somebody who you identify with and trust enough to divulge the full details of your health. We try to make it easy to find the provider that aligns most quickly with your lifestyle and with your views on what it means to live a healthy life.
How to choose a provider

On the website, you can view all of our providers here.  In the app, you can only see providers once you start booking an appointment.

You can quickly scan for gender, years of experience, and specialty.

In order to read more about a provider, click on the ‘bio’ button. This will show you the languages they speak and a blurb from the provider, typically discussing their perspective on the role of primary care and a few details about their personal lives.

If you’re looking for a specific provider in the app, you can use the search icon in the top right corner of the provider selection screen.

Choose a day and time that works best for you and have a delightful primary care experience with your new Circle Medical provider.

Important note
Once you book with a provider, they will become your primary care provider in the app - this means they will show up first when booking an appointment. If you find your new PCP isn’t the best fit, we can easily remove them from your file.