Controlled Substance Agreement
Setting the expectations for the responsible use of prescriptions.
As a licensed primary care practice, we have a responsibility to prescribe controlled substances only to those that need them, and to ensure that those patients will take the medications as prescribed. In order to ensure compliance this responsibility, we created an in app document to help our patients understand what they are agreeing to by accepting a controlled substance.
How it works

Book an appointment  with one of our 70+ qualified providers.

Join your appointment in the app by clicking on the link that gets sent via chat 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

If a provider plans on prescribing a controlled substance, they will say so during your appointment. The provider will then send a document via the app to be signed on the spot.

You will see a dialogue that your provider has sent you a controlled substance agreement. Tap ‘View and Sign’ to open the agreement. If you have any questions, you can ask your provider who is still on the call. Otherwise, sign the agreement and tap ‘I agree to these conditions’.

Return to your video call and discuss your treatment plan.

Important note
Failure to comply with the conditions set forth in the Controlled Substance agreement will result in your immediate termination as a patient.