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Circle Medical Now Offering At Home COVID-19 Testing

How it works:

1. Book a COVID-19 Test Video Assessment

Your provider will assess any current symptoms and/or recent COVID-19 exposure and place an order for your LabCorp At Home COVID-19 test.

2. Receive your self-collection kit

You should receive your self-collection kit via FedEx within 2–3 business days of your video visit.

3. Collect your sample at home and ship back to lab via Fedex

Collect your specimen Monday through Friday using an easy nasal swab and return it to LabCorp via Fedex. Your sample MUST be shipped back to LabCorp on the same day it is collected. Please do not collect your sample until you confirm pickup times of your nearest Fedex drop box or have confirmed your scheduled pickup.

For an instructional video on how to collect your sample and additional resources, please visit

Click here for an additional video demonstrating how to ship your sample back to LabCorp after collection.

4. Receive results

Your results will be sent digitally via the Circle Medical App 2–3 business days after your specimen is shipped back to the lab.


Is the COVID-19 LabCorp At Home Test covered by my insurance?

Yes, the COVID-19 Test Video Assessment and COVID-19 At Home Test are completely covered by your insurance for the plans we accept.

How do I collect my sample?

Your Circle Medical provider will explain the entire collection process during your video visit. Your LabCorp self-collection kit includes everything you need to collect your nasal swab sample, including step-by-step instructions. The sample collection is quick, simple, and painless.

Is it safe to send my sample in the mail?

LabCorp includes detailed instructions within your At Home test kit for the collection and transport of your sample. Your kit contains the appropriate shipping materials to safely send your sample back to LabCorp.

How long will it take to get my COVID-19 results back?

Your test results will be sent via the Circle Medical App approximately 2 to 3 days after your specimen arrives at the lab.

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