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Connect with a doctor from home

With the changes brought upon the Bay Area by the developing COVID-19 outbreak, your health remains our number one priority at Circle Medical.

Circle Medical maintains robust telemedicine services that allow patients to connect with a healthcare provider, regardless of location. With Mayor Breed’s shelter-in-place order in effect in San Francisco and surrounding counties for the next few weeks, we are shifting focus to bring more care to Bay Area residents without requiring travel.

We strongly encourage anyone with regular health needs, as well as anyone who may be experiencing symptoms (COVID or otherwise,) to utlilize telemedicine video services in lieu of traveling to the doctor, unless otherwise recommended by a physician.

Unlike mass-market telemedicine services, our locally based providers can handle complex and wide ranging issues such as checkups, prescriptions, and evaluation/management services via video in much the same manner one would experience in-person.

To get started, simply open the Circle Medical app, and tap on ‘Video Appointment,’ or write to us via our care team chat.

We know the next few weeks will be challenging, and re-affirm that we are here to have your back while we ride this out together.

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No matter which Provider you choose, you will be seen by a clinician who cares deeply about your health and wants to help you live your happiest, healthiest life.

Circle Medical Providers are held to an exceptionally high standard of compassionate, evidence-based care.

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Circle Medical Providers must meet all of the following standards:

Exceptionally qualified in their field


Deeply empathetic for patients

Follows evidence-based care guidelines

Embracing of diverse patient backgrounds

Impeccable record of previous care