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How to find trans friendly doctors

It’s important for everyone to find a doctor who makes them comfortable and who understands their unique needs. This can be difficult, especially for members of the trans community.

Transphobic restrictions and disruptions to health care have made this process even more intimidating and difficult for trans individuals. If you’re transgender and are seeking a doctor who can understand and meet your health care needs, there are resources to help you. In this blog, we’ll talk about tips for finding a trans-friendly doctor so you can feel confident in your care and have a primary care physician who is right for you.

Look for doctors who have experience with transgender patients

When you’re looking for a trans-friendly doctor, it’s best to find someone who has specific experience working with transgender patients. Areas of expertise should include gender-affirming health care, hormone therapy and transgender mental health and counseling.

Your best resource for initial searching will likely be online, where you can see reviews and ratings for different physicians. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential physicians, don’t be afraid to interview potential doctors to see if they’re a good fit for you.

Talk to your potential physician about services you may need and ask about their experience. It can be helpful to look up questions to ask and come up with a list of your questions to ensure your doctor has a level of experience and knowledge that makes you comfortable.

When searching for transgender health care, you may have to be your own advocate and make sure your needs are being considered. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you should always seek out a different provider. You shouldn’t feel like you have to settle for a provider that isn’t trans-friendly or understanding of your health concerns.

Reach out to other trans or LGBTQ+ individuals

One of the best tools you have for seeking trans-friendly health care is your local community. Connecting with other members of the LGBTQ+ community who have physicians they trust can help you get recommendations and referrals. Even if you don’t know anyone in your local community, there are likely online forums and social media groups where you can reach out and ask.

As mentioned, there are plenty of health care review sites where you can find reviews from other trans individuals. These reviews can give you honest feedback about specific physicians and help you avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations. Local LGBT centers, support groups and community organizations may have resources for you as well.

Also, it’s always a good idea to bring someone you trust who has experience with LGBTQ+ health care with you to talk to potential primary care physicians. A friend or family member who has experience with LGBTQ+ health care can help advocate for you and ask questions you may not have considered. This can also help to lessen any feelings of anxiousness or anxiety you might have when meeting a new potential doctor.

Browse online and local directories

If you’re looking for a trans-friendly doctor, online directories can be a great resource. These online directories allow you to search for LGBTQ+ health care providers by ZIP code and approach to care.

Each of these directories has its own approach to classifying a health care provider as LGBTQ+ friendly. It’s best to look into the directories’ approach to qualification so you understand why a provider has been listed.

In most cases, these directories require providers to sign up, create profiles, detail their experience and provide any experience and accreditations with LGBTQ+ health care. While it’s nice to have these physicians in an easily searchable database, you should also do further research into potential physicians to ensure you make the best choice possible.

Consider telemedicine providers like Circle Medical

If you’re searching for trans-friendly care, consider a telemedicine provider like Circle Medical. 

Telehealth services like Circle Medical provide access to board-certified physicians remotely. You can receive the same level of quality care you would receive in person through our mobile app. Telemedicine has numerous benefits, especially for those seeking gender-affirming care.

Why telehealth is a great option if you’re trans or queer

Telehealth is a great option and often a preferable option for transgender and queer individuals who are uncomfortable with traditional health care settings. Instead of going to see a physician in person, you can access health care services from the comfort of your home. This is also a great option for those who live in rural or remote areas and don’t have any trans-friendly doctors nearby.

Quality trans-friendly care is becoming harder and harder to access for many people. With telemedicine, you don’t have to seek a doctor miles away. You can get remote access and speak to someone without ever leaving the house.

Along with receiving care from a judgment-free environment, you also avoid the other inconveniences of in-person care. You don’t have to drive to an office, and the scheduling of appointments is much more flexible. 

It’s difficult enough to talk about your medical needs without feeling the pressures that come with in-person care. With telehealth, you can find a trans-friendly doctor who can provide you with the same quality care and services you would get from gender-affirming in-office physicians.

As with any health care provider, you should make sure to research your choice of telehealth provider as well. Ensure they offer gender-affirming care and that they have experience working with transgender individuals before scheduling your first appointment. It’s also important to see if they accept insurance for your care. 

If you’d like to find a quality trans-friendly health care provider as quickly as possible, Circle Medical is your solution.

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Circle Medical is a telehealth provider of gender-affirming care. Circle Medical providers are allies and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and we offer you an affirming and safe environment to receive health care 100% remotely. We also accept insurance for gender-affirming care to make things as affordable as possible.

At Circle Medical, you can access health care services such as comprehensive gender-affirming care, hormone therapy (masculinizing & feminizing), STD/STI testing, PrEP treatment, hair loss medications, erectile function medications and more. You can come to Circle Medical for all of your primary care needs. From our telehealth platform, you can get appointments, checkups, gender-affirming care, specialist referrals and prescriptions if medically appropriate. 

Circle Medical also offers same-day appointments. No more waiting weeks to get in to meet a new primary care physician. You can meet a primary care provider today and decide if our service is the right fit for you.

We believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality medical care. We consider your unique concerns and needs and deliver evidence-driven telemedicine treatment for all of our patients.

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