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Improving Patient Support

At our practice, we believe that providing delightful care is not just about treating symptoms but about building strong and meaningful relationships with our patients. We care deeply about your well-being, and we understand how important it is to provide timely responses to your requests and questions.

Our recent response times have fallen short of the standards that we set for ourselves. This has been due in part to the company’s growth, national shortages of some medications, and limitations within our systems. We’re expanding our team of Patient Care Advocates and ensuring that they are better equipped to assist our providers and provide prompt and accurate responses to your messages.

Here’s an update on what we’re doing to improve your experience:

What are we doing to support you better  

Reducing the time it takes us to respond to your requests and the time it takes to resolve an issue is our top priority.  

  • Improving the support experience in our app. You may have already seen changes that aim to streamline communications related to problems with prescriptions. In the coming weeks, we will launch a new patient chat system that will help us better manage communications.

  • Upgrading our internal tools. We are investing heavily in new internal software and processes to better handle support volumes.

  • Increasing staffing levels.  We are adding dozens of new Patient Care Advocates over the coming weeks and reassigning existing staff to the teams that are seeing the highest volumes.

Our mission is to provide you with a better healthcare experience and we appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue. 

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