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Our in-app Chat is Getting a Serious Upgrade

What's going to change?

Here's a breakdown of the key features we're introducing to improve our patient chat experience.

"Updates" tab

Until now, active chats have been mixed with notifications and provider messages in a single tab. To keep you focused on conversations with our Care Advocates, we're moving the following messages to the "Updates" tab:

  • Old messages from our current chat system
  • New messages directly from providers
  • Care notifications - appointment summaries, lab reports, and more.

Specialized Care Advocates

When you start a new conversation, you'll now be asked to answer a few questions about the nature of your issue. This will help us connect you to experts in prescriptions, billing, and more.

Threaded conversations

Say goodbye to one long history. Your chats will now be organized into conversations so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Searchable FAQs

Prefer to solve it yourself? You'll be able to search our knowledge base to troubleshoot less sensitive issues.

See you in the chat!

We are releasing this feature over the next few weeks to all of our patients. We hope these updates further our mission of making primary care more accessible to everyone in the country.

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