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One Medical vs. Circle Medical - what are the differences?

There are more options than ever when it comes to primary care. These two healthcare providers offer similar services, but some key differences set them apart - find out why Circle Medical is a great alternative to One Medical and why it might be a better fit for you.

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Circle Medical does not charge a membership fee, and both practices accept insurance.

Our mission is to create the technology that makes delightful primary care accessible to everyone on the planet. As part of that mission, we make appointments open to everyone - cash pay or insurance - without a membership fee.

No annual fee


Accepts insurance

Cash pay patients

Both practices offer in person and virtual primary care appointments.

The vast majority of patients in both practices choose video appointments for their convenience and efficacy. For situations that require more than a video appointment, both clinics also offer physical clinics.

Virtual treatment

In person

Mobile app

Circle Medical is typically rated higher by patients.

Being patient-obsessed is at the center of everything we do, and our patients have taken notice. We rank amongst the best primary care practices on all major review platforms.


3.6 / 5

1.5 / 5

Better Business Bureau



App Store

4.8 / 5

4.9 / 5

Play Store

4.7 / 5

4.0 / 5

One Medical has more in-person clinics.

One Medical is a significantly larger company. They were founded in 2007, and received hundreds of millions in funding to fuel expansion before being acquired by Amazon in 2022. Circle Medical has focused on slow, intentional growth and maintaining an exceptional patient experience - and we hope to continue this growth into the future.




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A Brief Overview

Circle Medical is an increasingly popular choice for health care. With numerous benefits for patients and a commitment to evidence-based care, it’s clear why many individuals are choosing Circle Medical over other providers. However, not everyone has hours to compare and contrast providers. That’s why we’re highlighting some of the key differences that set Circle Medical apart.

Why People Choose Circle Medical versus Competitors Like One Medical?

People choose Circle Medical because it’s a full-stack primary care clinic they can trust for a wide range of medical needs and conditions. Before diving into the key differences between Circle Medical and One Medical, let’s look at some of the factors that define Circle Medical’s approach to health care.

A trusted primary care clinic

Your first point of contact for nearly any nonemergency health-related need will be your primary care provider. This is why you want to find a primary care provider you can trust. Your primary care provider is someone that you want to keep over time so they can learn about your individual needs and personalize care based on those needs. Whether you need a routine checkup or you have a chronic ongoing condition, Circle Medical is dedicated to providing you with care and support.

We offer both virtual and in-person primary care appointments

Circle Medical is a full-stack primary care clinic offering both virtual and in-person primary care appointments. In the modern healthcare world, it’s important to have options. Whether you prefer the convenience and comfort of a virtual consultation or the personal touch of an in-person visit, Circle Medical can help. You can receive the care you need in the way you want to receive it. This commitment to patient-centered care sets Circle Medical apart and ensures your healthcare experience is tailored to your individual needs.

Circle Medical puts patients first and believes in evidence-based care

At Circle Medical, patients are our top priority. We believe in evidence-based care, meaning our medical providers look at the latest research and clinical expertise to guide your treatment plans. At the same time, we listen to your concerns, and you are always involved in the decision-making process. We want to ensure you receive the most effective and personalized treatment options available. With Circle Medical, you can trust that your health care is guided by the highest standards of quality and patient-centered care.

We strive to make high-quality health care accessible to everyone

At Circle Medical, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality health care. It’s part of the reason we offer both in-person and virtual care. With virtual care, you can receive care from home if you’re elderly, disabled or far from a quality care clinic due to your location. We also work with many insurance providers and offer affordable self-pay options to make care more accessible from a financial standpoint. On top of that, we’re dedicated to inclusive care, welcoming anyone and everyone to receive care to address their unique medical needs.

Our providers are board-certified and meet the highest standards

At Circle Medical, we pride ourselves on staffing healthcare providers who are board-certified and who meet the highest standards of medical care. As mentioned, our providers are committed to staying on top of the latest advancements in health care, and they have gone through extensive training to provide you with the best care possible. Choosing Circle Medical gives you peace of mind that you’re in the hands of real medical professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how Circle Medical differs from One Medical? We have the answers for you! Compare Circle Medical and One Medical below to determine which option is best for you.

How is Circle Medical different from One Medical?

‍There are key differences between Circle Medical and One Medical. While One Medical has a larger network of physical clinics, Circle Medical has a history of focusing on online care, meaning One Medical’s virtual options may not be as comprehensive.

Additionally, One Medical requires a monthly subscription cost, while Circle Medical does not. In addition to the monthly subscription, One Medical does not have its maximum appointment costs readily accessible to compare, while Circle Medical's maximum cash pay appointment costs can range from $100 to $150.

What are the benefits of choosing Circle Medical?

‍Circle Medical offers a myriad of benefits if you choose us as your primary care provider. As a full-stack primary care clinic, you can choose in-person care or virtual care for your needs. Circle Medical’s board-certified providers can then provide you with checkups, diagnoses, personalized treatment plans and even prescriptions if medically appropriate. Ready to learn more about Circle Medical?

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‍Circle Medical is a flexible and quality full-stack primary care clinic that you can trust. We even offer same-day telehealth appointments! Book your appointment with a Circle Medical provider today to get started.

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"Great facility and medical staff! Love the convenience and simplicity of the mobile app. Also love that there it is not a subscription / yearly fee model like One Medical or Forward."

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I choose a virtual telemedicine appointment over going to my doctor’s office?

Virtual appointments allow our patients to see their providers in the comfort of their own homes. Our providers are also able to offer more flexible hours beyond what in-person doctor’s offices provide.

What if I need in-person testing or examinations?

If any in-person care is needed, such as bloodwork, vaccinations, or other testing, our providers are able to send the appropriate request to a nearby lab. Results will be integrated with our HIPAA-compliant mobile app so that patients have access to all of their medical records in one secure place.

How much does this cost me?

For those with insurance, cost will depend on the specific type of care you receive and the coverage of your insurance plan. We provide a cost estimate based on each patient’s insurance plan when they book an appointment.

For those without insurance, we provide the self-pay costs of each appointment when a patient is booking their appointment.

What states do you operate in?

To see our list of currently available states, begin booking an appointment.

You must be currently residing in the state of treatment as well as have your primary pharmacy be in that same state in order to be a patient at our practice.

Behavioral Health

Am I seeing a psychiatrist through Circle?

Our ADHD providers are primary care providers (MDs/DOs, NPs, and PAs) who have received specialized training for ADHD intake. They are trained by psychiatrists to ensure a high standard of care, but they are not psychiatrists themselves.

Although it is a commonly accepted practice for many primary care providers to refer their patients to psychiatrists for ADHD diagnosis and treatment, primary care providers are actually also able to diagnose and treat mild to moderate forms of ADHD themselves. If you have mild to moderate ADHD, you can benefit from having your ADHD managed by your primary care provider at Circle while getting access to all of the general practitioner services you would find at your normal doctor's office.

More complex cases will require psychiatrists to diagnose. We encourage you to please read through this entire FAQ to make sure our practice is a good fit for your needs before you book a medical appointment with a provider.


How do I know how much my specific appointment will cost?

We provide a cost estimate when you are booking your appointment. For those with insurance, your actual cost is determined after we submit the insurance claim for your appointment. Once we submit the claim, insurance companies will pay for a portion of the appointment and pass on any remaining cost to you. Once we know what this cost is, we will update you with an invoice within the app.

When do I get charged for my appointment?

For those with insurance, it typically takes 1-3 weeks for the insurance claim to be processed. Once processed, we’ll send you an invoice within the app with any remaining costs. You can then opt to pay through the app, or we will automatically charge the payment card on file after 48 hours of sending you the invoice.

For those without insurance (or with out of network insurance), we will send you the invoice 1-2 days after your appointment is completed. You can then opt to pay through the app, or we will automatically charge the payment card on file after 48 hours of sending you the invoice.


How long are the appointments?

The first intake appointment is 30 minutes. Follow-up appointments are 20 minutes each.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept over 1,500+ insurance plans. We cover most of the major PPO insurance companies (payors) across the United States. The best way to confirm coverage of your insurance plan is to begin booking an appointment on our website or via our mobile app. During the booking process, you’ll be prompted to enter your insurance information for a real-time verification of your insurance plan.

What if I am having issues verifying my insurance plan coverage?

The best way to confirm your insurance plan coverage is to call the Member Services phone number on the back of your insurance card. If needed, you can reference our Tax ID#: 474883537 and our NPI: 1134596091. Once you are able to confirm your coverage and your primary care copay costs, you can use the in-app chat to message our team with the information. We’ll then follow up with confirmation.

What is the total cost of diagnosis and treatment?

Your per-appointment costs are set by your insurance plan. If the costs seem high, you may be on a high deductible health plan (HDHP). This means that you have an annual out-of-pocket amount that you must pay on healthcare in a given year before your insurance plan will cover more of your per-appointment costs. 

If you are on an HDHP and have confirmed your insurance information in our mobile app, your remaining deductible for the year will be displayed on the “Book Appointment” page. Note that this amount may be outdated if you have had recent insurance claims processed.

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