COVID-19 Testing

We perform testing to detect current SARS-CoV-2 infection and antibodies.
At-home PCR testing covered by insurance is now available.


100% covered by insurance

We accept most insurance plans. No copays, no deductible, no membership fee.


Most results in 2-3 business days

Because fast results are critical, we are working hard with our lab partners to shorten testing time.


No waiting

Test appointments run on time. No crowd, safe environment.


Results via PDF

Share your results easily.

How to get tested

Step 1: COVID-19 Video Assessment

Book a "COVID video assessment". During your video appointment, your provider will assess your current or past symptoms, place an order for the appropriate test and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Sample Collection

You will be able to self-book a same or next-day collection appointment at our 1st and Folsom location in San Francisco. This will be a blood draw for antibody tests and nasal self-swab for active infection tests.

Step 3: Most results within 2-3 business days

Your results will be sent to you via the app within 2-3 business days.

Collection site

Circle Medical 1st Street
333 1st Street (entrance on Folsom)
San Francisco CA, 94105
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What type of COVID-19 tests are available at Circle Medical and when can I expect my results?

Circle Medical currently offers both molecular testing and antibody testing for COVID-19. The molecular tests are used to detect an active infection and are collected via a nasal self-swab. The antibody test may tell you if you had a past infection and requires a serum sample from a blood draw.

Current average turnaround times for our tests are:

  • COVID-19 NAA PCR Test: 2-3 business days
  • LabCorp At-Home COVID-19 PCR Test:
    • Test kit will arrive via Fedex 2-3 business days after video visit
    • Results available 2-3 business days after specimen shipped back to lab
  • COVID-19 antibody test: 2-4 business days

Your results will be delivered via the Circle Medical App. Please note that we cannot guarantee the exact turnaround time for COVID-19 results due to the unpredictability of testing demands.

Why is the video appointment required?

Both COVID-19 tests require a provider's order. During the video visit, your provider will assess your symptoms and history to make sure the correct test is ordered, that you understand the risks and benefits of the tests, and to make sure your situation does not require a different type of care.

Can I get tested if I am not showing symptoms?


Can I get a COVID test before traveling?

Yes! We offer COVID testing to rule out active infection with our COVID-19 NAA PCR Test. For the most updated turnaround times, please see above. Due to the unpredictability of testing demands, we cannot guarantee your COVID-19 results will be received in time for travel.

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