GetLabs FAQs

Does insurance cover GetLabs?

Getlabs charges an out-of-pocket convenience fee starting from $39. In certain cases, you can submit your receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Once your specimen is delivered to the laboratory you select, the testing itself is generally covered by insurance. We recommend checking first to avoid any surprises. To find out if your insurance is accepted by your preferred lab, you may check at the links below.

How do I know if GetLabs operates in my city?

Getlabs verifies if the patient is requesting an appointment in an active area where we have mobile phlebotomist coverage. If we do not currently service the address provided, please enter your phone number to be notified when we are active in your area.

How is my insurance confirmed?

From the appointment confirmation page, we request patients upload their insurance information in order to have the lab processing fees reimbursed. If your organization is planning on paying the lab directly, this step can be removed. Please reach out to us if your organization is paying the lab directly.

What does coverage look like in a city?

50 miles from the City Center is our outer bounds after we have launched in a new city.

When can I book a blood draw?

Our service hours are 5AM - 2PM, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays.

What are priority time slots?

Priority time slots, indicated with a lightning bolt, require patients to have their lab order on hand in order to book in order for us to be able to fulfill the quick turnaround on the request.

Are same day appointments available?

In some cases, Same Day appointments are available. Appointment availability can be accessed here:

What information must be provided in order to create an account?

Patients are asked to provide their first name, last name, date of birth, phone number, and sex at birth.

Can i upload multiple lab orders?

Yes! Patients are able to upload multiple lab orders.

Can I select the lab my lab work is sent to?

Yes! Patients can select their preferred lab. We are currently partnered with Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics.

How can I book an appointment without a lab order?

If the patient does not have their lab order on hand, GetLabs can contact the doctor/provider on behalf of the patient. To do so, we require the doctor’s name and phone number. We will call the doctor’s office to retrieve the necessary information.

How are appointments confirmed?

Once the appointment is confirmed, the patient is sent to the confirmation landing page. Patients also receive text messages and an email confirming the appointment has been booked.

How is my insurance confirmed?

From the appointment confirmation page, we request patients upload their insurance information in order to have the lab processing fees reimbursed. If your organization is planning on paying the lab directly, this step can be removed. Please reach out to us if your organization is paying the lab directly.

Can I reschedule appointments?

Patients can reschedule at any time prior to 24 hours from the time of the appointment. All available slots to reschedule are listed in the same format as during the original booking flow for a seamless user experience.

Is there a cancellation fee for cancelling appointments?

GetLabs handles cancellations on a case by case basis.

Can patients cancel same day appointments?

Yes, patients are able to cancel same day appointments.

Can patients have appointments booked on their behalf?

Assisted booking is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Which devices can patients use GetLabs on?

GetLabs is accessible across all major web and mobile browsers.

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I moved to a new area and wasn't sure how to proceed with primary care. I reached out to Circle Medical just because I needed someone to assist with my prescriptions. But now that I am seeing them, I will rely on them for my PCP needs going forward. Thank you.


This system, the efficiency, and care behind it is the best that I have come across. I have been uncomfortable addressing issues like ADD and ADHD as an adult, so I put this off for years. My provider has already helped in 2 sessions. I have to say, I am already feeling better simply taking the initial steps. A big thanks to this team!


I have been helped in every aspect of the word.


Sincere and caring staff! Excellent communication.


Easy to navigate, personalized care and a provider who listens to me.


Convenient & and efficient system. Services like this benefit patients and the country. This will save Americans from millions of hours of waiting in clinic lobbies, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, reduce traffic, and drive efficiency in medical records and billing. All these things have a multiplier effect.


Circle is the only part of the healthcare value chain that doesn't waste my time and money.


Provider was very nice, attentive, she listed to me and i am very satified.


Easy to book an appointment, huge selection of days and times, you can use different providers. Everyone is helpful and respectful.


Absolutely perfect. Extremely professional visits, always on time and no front desk staff or traffic!!! How can you beat this?


Very easy to schedule and wonderful provider who listens to my concerns.


I love speaking with my provider, she always listens to me and takes the time to be interested in me as a person!!


Circle Medical is easy to use and accepts a lot of insurances. I felt like my provider cared about me and we have begun to form a relationship. In regular offices I always feel rushed or unheard but somehow Circle Medical feels more personal. Requesting a refill is easy and you can check on the status.


My provider was very nice. She listened to my concerns. I’m usually very nervous to speak to a new doctor but she made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Circle Medical to any of my friends or family.


My experience so far has been top notch really. From my provider's approachable manner and willingness to truly listen to me, to the after-hours service where I always received fast responses to my text messages, everyone has been so gracious. Circle Medical has been an important part of my new life. Thank you all so much.


Ease of use, flexibility with schedule, and the provider was informative on the medical issue while delivering care with a nonbiased approach.


Very friendly and knowledgeable, everyone I have spoke has gone above and beyond to help me.


So much easier than dealing with my antiquated primary care office! I used to have to wait on hold for at least ten minutes to make an appointment.


Easy process, you can do it in the own comfort of your home.


Very easy to use and great providers. Mine is very personable and helpful.


This app met me on my level for my neurodivergent needs, didn't keep me waiting, and has really kind and professional medical staff.


Great, compassionate, professional provider. She honestly demonstrates that she cares about me. This is a lost art with other professionals I have seen.


I have been using Circle for half a year and never had an issue. Questions were answered within the time given. My provider has been there for me 1000%. Never late!! Pleasant and caring always asked how she can HELP!! I have only good things to say. You're wasting your own time, employer's time, gas and cash going to a doctor's office.


My provider was amazing. She listened to what I had to say, she explained everything in detail so I understood, and she truly cared about me.


This was super easy to use and understand I could do this in the comfort of my own home. I am very happy with the change that is coming in my life because of Circle Medical.


This service saves me hours a month waiting in a doctors office, driving to and from. This is time I get to be home with my family. My provider at Circle Medical is not only friendly but extremely knowledgeable.


My provider is extremely caring, she believes in always giving me her most honest and sincere feedback regardless of wether I like it or not. I look forward to seeing her every month. Circle Medical and my provider have given my life purpose, and I now understand my shortcomings not as failures but as a condition.


I love my provider. She is always on time, very knowledgeable about the medications and my condition and always answers all my questions.


It is quick and convenient, especially compared to traditional healthcare.


Very smooth and easy process to get in touch with knowledgeable doctors who care. The patient care coordinators are always quick to respond in resolving issues as well. Highly recommend!


User friendly app and straight forward process. Both providers I've seen are caring and want the best for you!!!


Easy app to use, the providers are so accommodating and helpful


I already recommended it to some friends. I love going through you guys. Most caring provider I have ever had. She actually listens to me and makes sure I am well taken care of. Absolutely would recommend you to everyone. Such a quick and easy way to get in touch with some very kind and caring providers. You are the best!


Friendly staff. Compassion for ailment, quick response and open schedules. Very knowledgeable team!


To my provider, thank you sooo much!!! You are the best doctor ever!!! I literally owe you my life and I will be forever grateful, may God bless you so you can keep helping more patients 🙏🏻🩺👩‍⚕️


My interaction was one with care, and I was asked more questions into my “issues or problems.” It didn’t feel like I was talking to a typical doctor, but rather someone who was genuinely concerned with my problem.


I love how well-informed and empathetic my PCP is. It has been the best psychiatric provider experience I have had thus far in my life, I trust her so much more than my previous providers.


Ease of access to medical professionals. Great communication and response time.


It's a simple app with a great explanation of the process, my provider was amazing, customer support is fast and spot on with the chat feature, and the UI/UX is top notch.


Has always been super helpful! The video conferencing capability is wonderful. I've actually gotten help with eczema and the provider was able to confirm and treat without a problem.