GetLabs FAQs

Does insurance cover GetLabs?

Getlabs charges an out-of-pocket convenience fee starting from $39. In certain cases, you can submit your receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Once your specimen is delivered to the laboratory you select, the testing itself is generally covered by insurance. We recommend checking first to avoid any surprises. To find out if your insurance is accepted by your preferred lab, you may check at the links below.

How do I know if GetLabs operates in my city?

Getlabs verifies if the patient is requesting an appointment in an active area where we have mobile phlebotomist coverage. If we do not currently service the address provided, please enter your phone number to be notified when we are active in your area.

How is my insurance confirmed?

From the appointment confirmation page, we request patients upload their insurance information in order to have the lab processing fees reimbursed. If your organization is planning on paying the lab directly, this step can be removed. Please reach out to us if your organization is paying the lab directly.

What does coverage look like in a city?

50 miles from the City Center is our outer bounds after we have launched in a new city.

When can I book a blood draw?

Our service hours are 5AM - 2PM, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays.

What are priority time slots?

Priority time slots, indicated with a lightning bolt, require patients to have their lab order on hand in order to book in order for us to be able to fulfill the quick turnaround on the request.

Are same day appointments available?

In some cases, Same Day appointments are available. Appointment availability can be accessed here:

What information must be provided in order to create an account?

Patients are asked to provide their first name, last name, date of birth, phone number, and sex at birth.

Can i upload multiple lab orders?

Yes! Patients are able to upload multiple lab orders.

Can I select the lab my lab work is sent to?

Yes! Patients can select their preferred lab. We are currently partnered with Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics.

How can I book an appointment without a lab order?

If the patient does not have their lab order on hand, GetLabs can contact the doctor/provider on behalf of the patient. To do so, we require the doctor’s name and phone number. We will call the doctor’s office to retrieve the necessary information.

How are appointments confirmed?

Once the appointment is confirmed, the patient is sent to the confirmation landing page. Patients also receive text messages and an email confirming the appointment has been booked.

How is my insurance confirmed?

From the appointment confirmation page, we request patients upload their insurance information in order to have the lab processing fees reimbursed. If your organization is planning on paying the lab directly, this step can be removed. Please reach out to us if your organization is paying the lab directly.

Can I reschedule appointments?

Patients can reschedule at any time prior to 24 hours from the time of the appointment. All available slots to reschedule are listed in the same format as during the original booking flow for a seamless user experience.

Is there a cancellation fee for cancelling appointments?

GetLabs handles cancellations on a case by case basis.

Can patients cancel same day appointments?

Yes, patients are able to cancel same day appointments.

Can patients have appointments booked on their behalf?

Assisted booking is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Which devices can patients use GetLabs on?

GetLabs is accessible across all major web and mobile browsers.

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Very professional and non-judgmental. System is very easy to use.


Very easy to schedule appointments, communication and doctors notes are the best I’ve ever experienced. My provider is very easy to talk to.


Ease of use. The technology piece makes getting help that would be very time consuming and expensive more achievable.


The provider was very helpful and I felt she genuinely cared. Appointment was scheduled for next day. Quick, efficient, great service.


I’ve received better medical care from my provider than I ever have in-person and, all at the ease of doing so online, in my home.


Very happy with the provider and experience. He spends his time with me and asks several questions about my health history. I never have gotten this time in an in-person office setting.


Very convenient. I didn’t have to wait on hold to make an appointment. Was able to meet in the comfort of my own home. Provider was very professional. Straight to the questions, but felt personal and tailored to my pace.


Accessibe, efficient, and I really like my provider's approach to my concerns and partnership in treatment planning. I feel validated, heard, and respected. Love how streamlined the app makes everything including the chat feature being open 24/7. Feels like I have open/quick access and flexibility in getting my needs met.


I have felt heard, believed and taken care of by my provider. I am so happy with telehealth and having access to a wonderful provider through Circle Medical.


Very easy to use, caring employees, fair prices, quick treatment.


I moved to a new area and wasn't sure how to proceed with primary care. I reached out to Circle Medical just because I needed someone to assist with my prescriptions. But now that I am seeing them, I will rely on them for my PCP needs going forward. Thank you.


I have had a hard time with my primary care physician helping me explore ADHD treatment. I was not sure where else to turn. This was so easy and uses my insurance.


Informed, polite, and consistent staff, operating under an obviously organized system to provide quality care.


Convenient, the app is easy to use and navigate, I love my provider. Our meetings are efficient, and she's been able to assist me with health-related issues outside of what I sought out the app for. I absolutely want to keep using Circle Medical for many years to come and have recommended it to friends and family.


The app makes everything really easy and both providers I've seen so far have been wonderful. I couldn't find any doctors in my area that weren't insanely expensive so this app has been a lifesaver!


Mr provider is great. I feel he is thorough and cares about my well being. I also like that it's affordable even without insurance.


Circle Medical has been such a great platform to see a care provider! I have had such a great experience with the ease of using the platform as well as the providers. Thank you!


My provider was very nice. She listened to my concerns. I’m usually very nervous to speak to a new doctor but she made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Circle Medical to any of my friends or family.


I absolutely love my provider. I have seen many doctors in the past, but she was the first who actually listened, understood, and gave me hope.


Very convenient, medical professionals are understanding and helpful in providing solutions


My provider is very attentive and always asks me the right questions that fit my issues. I love the communication, the whole team has even if its not my provider, someone is always there to help me when I have questions! 10/10!


The process has been so easy and every care team rep I have encountered has been kind and courteous no matter how silly my question.


I have recommended to several friends. The process, UI, and providers are very quick and caring. It is perhaps the easiest to use system I’ve ever seen. I highly highly recommend the organization.


Everything is very easy to use and convenient. Everyone I have interacted with from Circle has been so nice and helpful as well.


it was faster to get an online visit than an in-person visit where I live. I got my prescription faster than if I had to wait a month for a visit in person!


This system, the efficiency, and care behind it is the best that I have come across. I have been uncomfortable addressing issues like ADD and ADHD as an adult, so I put this off for years. My provider has already helped in 2 sessions. I have to say, I am already feeling better simply taking the initial steps. A big thanks to this team!


After struggling with finding a provider and navigating appointment management systems and nebulous cost expectations, Circle was a breath of fresh air that gave me a clear path towards getting care and getting everything else out of the way.


The app is easy to use, appointment scheduling is convenient, there are lots of providers to choose from, and the providers are supportive, explain things well, and are non-judgemental.


My provider is the most helpful primary care physician I have ever had. Very easy to set and have appointments, very happy with the service.


I like my provider and the ease of appointments at home is great.


More thorough than any in-person doctor visit I've ever been to.


Easy to get appointments, provider is kind, very helpful and is committed to helping me. This app was there when my doctors ignored me for YEARS.


Easy app to use, the providers are so accommodating and helpful


My practitioner was extremely friendly and empathetic, and an expert at ADHD and ADD so he knew exactly how to help me and with questions to ask.


Circle Medical did an excellent job in addressing my issues quickly and with the best customer service.


Circle Medical has filled the access gap to consistent medical care and taken the frustration out of getting appointments and prescriptions. Your service is second to none.


Because the doctors are very professional and also they have compassion unlike others in the past


Easy to use app. The provider that I see is exceptional. You take my insurance so my cost is extremely affordable. Great customer service. Super easy to make an appointment. Many appointment time/day options. I have nothing but praise for Circle Medical. Thank you.


I absolutely love Circle Medical and my provider! The process is so easy and seamless and she’s just the best, most empathetic caregiver! I have referred so many people to Circle Medical!


This has been the most helpful medical resource I’ve discovered. Quality providers, good service and factual conversation. I am very pleased.