Primary Care Physician's Office in Short Hills, New Jersey

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Parking Instructions

There is free parking in the parking lot for 51 JFK Parkway. Please be sure not to park in reserved parking spots or in the Hilton hotel parking lot.

Directions to Circle Medical

From the Regus Building Lobby

Sign in with the building security desk. Once you are signed in, go to the left of the desk and walk down to the end of the hallway. Regus will be the glass double doors on your left side at the end. You will need to knock to be let in. Once you are let in, you can check in at the front desk. 

Patient Check-in Instructions

Scan the QR code at the front desk to check yourself in via your Circle Medical app. Once your check-in is complete, have a seat in the waiting area till your provider comes to get you. If your app is not allowing you to check in, please let the front desk receptionist know and they will inform your provider that you have arrived. 

All patients must check in and wait in the waiting area for privacy and security purposes.