Primary Care Physician's Office in Nashville, Tennessee

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Public Transportation & Parking Instructions

We encourage public transportation as there is no free parking. You can pay to park on the street or in a local parking garage. Please know another entrance is on the corner of Fourth and Union St, do not use that entrance as it is locked at all times. 

Public Transportation

Please see the Nashville Transit website for further information.

Parking Apps

Paid Parking Garages

  • UBS Tower Parking (315 Deadrick St) - The UBS Tower parking garage is located on Fourth Avenue North. The Garage is open 24/7, with transient parking available on the upper level only. The lower level is reserved parking.
  • Public Square Garage - 350 Deaderick St, Nashville, TN 37219

Directions to Intelligent Office

From the Building Lobby on Deadrick Street

When you enter through the front doors to building 315  (right side entrance doors) you will need to request security  (to your left) to give you access to the elevators to get to Intelligent Office on the 15th floor. The elevators you want to take are on the right (directly across from the right-side entrance) and are labeled floors 1-17. Take the elevators to the 15th floor. Depending on which elevator you come out of, you need to walk towards the double glass doors with a video directory framed in wood on the right side of the doors.

Patient Check-in Instructions

Please check in at the front desk with the receptionist, and let them know you are there to see your Circle Medical provider. Let them know who your provider is, and give them your first name and initial to your last name. After your check-in is complete, please have a seat in the waiting area and wait for your provider to come to get you.

All patients must check in and wait in the waiting area for privacy and security purposes.