Primary Care Physician's Office in Houston, Texas

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Parking Instructions

You will need to park in the 2nd-floor lot, do not park in the retail parking lot in front of the building as there is no access to the building from the front. The entrance to the 2nd-floor parking lot is on Yorktown Drive on the right side of the building. Please watch this video for a visual on parking directions/instructions for WellnessSpace. You are welcome to park anywhere for free unless otherwise posted. 

Directions to WellnessSpace

The entrance to WellnessSpace is in the middle of the parking lot before the large parking area. The door for WellnessSpace is to the left of the main doors to the building.

Patient Check-in Instructions

When you arrive at the WellnessSpace office, please proceed to the kiosk check-in stations, where you can have a contactless check-in. Check yourself in by choosing Circle Medical as your provider and entering your first name and last initial when prompted. After your check-in is complete, please have a seat in the waiting area and wait for your provider to come to get you.

All patients must check in and wait in the waiting area for privacy and security purposes.