Truepill - our prescription delivery partners.

What is Truepill?

Truepill is a fully licensed modern pharmacy that was founded in 2016, and has since sent over 5 million prescriptions. Truepill's reliability empowers them to supply many of the top digital health services in the United States, including Hims, Nurx, Therapeutics MD and more.

What are the advantages of Truepill over a traditional pharmacy?

With a typical pharmacy, you have to spend time going to a brick-and-mortar location and you are at greater risk of facing delays due to medication shortages at that location. Our patients tend to prefer Truepill because:

  • Patients save a trip to the pharmacy.

  • Guaranteed, free 2-day delivery means that patients get their medications faster than going to the pharmacy.

  • Discreet packaging means patients get to maintain the privacy of their prescriptions.

  • Providers don't have to reroute prescriptions due to medication shortages.

  • Greater insight into prescription details and shipping status allows a greater level of support should any issue arise.

Is 2-day delivery guaranteed?

Yes. Once the prescription has been sent, Truepill guarantees 2-day delivery.

Is my medication guaranteed to be in stock?

Having a central system rather than a single brick-and-mortar pharmacy allows Truepill to maintain a far more robust inventory. Truepill regularly restocks, so even in the rare instance that your medication is out of stock, it won't be for long.

Does Truepill work with my insurance?

Truepill works will all major insurance plans. If your appointments are covered at Circle Medical, your prescriptions will most likely be covered with Truepill.

How many patients are using Truepill?

Our goal is to have as many patients use Truepill as possible. Truepill represents, by far, the best  patient experience possible and reflects our mission of making delightful primary care accessible to all people.