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No memberships or hidden fees

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HIPAA compliant

Available over video and in person

LegitScript certified

Fully licensed medical practice

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4.97 (6,344 reviews)

350+ Board-certified providers

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Frequently accepted plans with

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Many more!

Why Circle Medical

1 million +

Video appointments held


Patients treated

Treatment plans

Accessed in the app


Clinics in the USA


Available providers


Referrals available

How treatment works

Appointment: (30 mins)

In your appointment, you and your provider will get to know each other, and complete a thorough review of your current health status, including reviewing your medical and family history, diet and exercise habits, current prescriptions and supplements, and a compassionate emotional and mental health screening.

To complete your health baseline evaluation, your provider may order a blood work panel, which you can complete at one of our over 4,000 partner locations that is convenient for you.

Your results will be sent to you via our secure app, where you will be able to see your provider's comments and recommendations.


Depending on the results of your blood work, you can schedule a follow-up with your provider to review the results in more detail. provder and the entire Circle Medical team will be available to support you in achieving your health goals.

Establishing a relationship with a primary care provider you can trust means you can stay ahead of your health, proactively address any health concerns, and live a happier, healthier life, every day.

We accept most PPO plans

If you want to verify if your plan is covered with us, select an appointment time and create an account to submit your insurance. You will not be required to book an appointent.

Want to know more about pricing? Read our FAQs

We can't accept patients with Medicaid or Medi-Cal insurance.

Patients Love Us

Rated 4.97 from 6,344 reviews

Read why patients love receiving care through Circle Medical.

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avg. copay

Cash pay price (per appointment)


No memberships or hidden fees

Paid by insurance (avg)


Your total (avg)


*Most insurance plans completely cover one (1) Annual Wellness Exam per year. Some plans exclude virtual Wellness Exams. We recommend checking with your insurance carrier to confirm the details of your particular plan.


avg. copay

Cash pay price


Paid by insurance (avg)


Your total (avg)


*Over the last 12 months, 75% of insured ADHD patients have paid $40 or less. Costs are estimates and may change according to your deductible. For a definite price, call your insurance company.

Wellness 360 Quick Answers

Provider Information

  • All providers are board-certified

  • All providers are able to perform Annual Wellness Exams

  • Depending on your results, your provider can assist you with pursuing further tests, refer you to specialists, and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to address any issues

  • You can message your provider via our care team in our app on your mobile phone

Pharmacy Questions

  • Circle Medical is a fully-licensed medical practice

  • Most pharmacies are able to fill prescriptions sent by our providers

  • We recommend going to a pharmacy where you are already an established patient, if possible

  • The decision to fill prescriptions is often up to the discretion of the individual pharmacist

Recommended Pharmacies:

  • Bartell Drugs

  • Costco

  • Duane Reade

  • Fred Meyer

  • Giant Eagle

  • HEB

  • OptumRX

  • QFC

  • Rite Aid

  • Walgreens

  • Walmart

Appointment Details and Costs


  • Appointment is up to 30 mins

  • Your provider may order a blood work panel which can be completed at any of our 4,000+ partner clinic locations

  • You may choose to have a follow-up appointment after the results are received to review them with your provider and discuss next steps


  • Costs may vary widely based on your particular insurance plan

  • Most patients with insurance pay $0 for their Annual Wellness Exam

  • Cash pay costs (without insurance):
      • Annual Wellness Exam: $100
      • Blood work labs: May vary
      • Follow-up appointments: $100 ea

  • Circle Medical does not determine the price of any prescribed treatments, if determined to be clinically appropriate, and those may vary widely depending on your insurance plan and choice of pharmacy


Circle Medical is currently available for telemedicine appointments in 30 states:

  • AZ

  • CA

  • CO

  • CT

  • DC

  • FL

  • GA

  • IL

  • IA

  • MA

  • MD

  • MI

  • ME

  • NC

  • NJ

  • NM

  • NV

  • NY

  • OH

  • OK

  • OR

  • PA

  • SC

  • TN

  • TX

  • UT

  • VT

  • VA

  • WA

  • WI

We have clinics in:

  • Beverly Hills, CA

  • San Francisco, CA

  • New York,  NY

More opening soon!

How to contact us

The fastest and easiest way to get in touch with our care team or your provider is through our in-app chat.

Our secure app-based chat is 100% HIPAA-compliant, which is required for us to be able to discuss patient-related health issues.


  • Most PPO insurance plans accepted

  • Medicare accepted

  • We are NOT able to see patients on Medicaid or MediCal

  • You will verify your insurance as part of booking your appointment

  • We are not able to treat patients under the age of 18

Costs with insurance vary by plan. We will provide an estimate based on your plan verification results.

See More FAQs

Your care doesn't have to stop with an Annual Wellness 360.

As a fully-licensed primary care practice, we know that an Annual Wellness 360 is just one piece of making you healthy. Our 350+ providers offer the full spectrum of primary care, on demand video appointments, specialist referrals, and more.

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Join 65,000+ patients taking control of their health with Circle Medical.

As a full-service, adult-only, primary care practice, Circle Medical's team of board-certified providers specialize in treating the whole you.

The Circle Medical Difference:

100% board-certified primary care providers

Takes into account your full health picture

Compassionate, comprehensive, evidence-based care

25+ clinics and an easy-to-use app

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350+ Primary Care Providers.
100% Confidence.

No matter which Provider you choose, you will be seen by a clinician who cares deeply about your health and wants to help you live your happiest, healthiest life.

Circle Medical Providers are held to an exceptionally high standard of compassionate, evidence-based care.

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Circle Medical Providers must meet all of the following standards:

Exceptionally qualified in their field


Deeply empathetic for patients

Follows evidence-based care guidelines

Embracing of diverse patient backgrounds

Impeccable record of previous care

Don't take our word for it.

We are trusted by over 50,000 patients every month. Here's what they have to say.

Provider very punctual, efficient, and informative. Easy to use. Helpful for my needs.


It was a very personal and safe experience that made me feel absolutely comfortable talking about my personal problems and helping me find a solution.


My provider was great! Very friendly and made me feel comfortable talking about some uncomfortable parts of my life.


The provider made appointments comfortable to talk and discuss my problems. It is easy to schedule and have access to messaging. Very affordable compared to other facilities I have looked into.


Friendly staff. Compassion for ailment, quick response and open schedules. Very knowledgeable team!


Exceptional Experience! From easy and convenient scheduling to a great doctor experience!


The care and concern of providers, ease of access and use on app and the speed at which things move when dealing with your providers is excellent. I could not be more pleased or grateful to have a provider that listens.


The process was quick and very efficient. The provider was very knowledgeable and I could tell that she really cared.


Quick and easy appointments, scheduling is simple, great attentive doctors, convenient and helpful!!!


I love the app and support from my PCP. Great communication and engagement before and after appointments.


My provider is honestly the best I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Her “bedside manner” and the amount of care and concern she has for her patients (and patients as real humans, not just numbers) is beyond compare.


I have struggled for years with my health issues, but always ran into barriers in getting affordable treatment. With Circle Medical, I saw a provider, received a diagnoses, and am already on treatment. All within a few days! They listen and also make getting help so easy.


The portal was really easy to use, registration was simple, and I was quickly matched with a provider.


My provider heard me out and helped me with my ADHD. I really appreciate how smooth it all was. Y’all are great!


Easy to get appointments, provider is kind, very helpful and is committed to helping me. This app was there when my doctors ignored me for YEARS.


This was my first experience using something like this and the entire process was very helpful. The staff responded promptly when I had questions and I absolutely love my provider. I was very nervous about the process but she made me feel comfortable and helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. I am so happy I found Circle Medical


My primary care provider is so nice and helpful. The system is very easy user friendly, and the prices are reasonable compared to many other companies.


Because my provider was wonderful, on time and really took the time to listen to me without judgement.


I have already referred friends! Absolutely amazing team of providers, very convenient, and very easy to work with.


I have been using Circle for half a year and never had an issue. Questions were answered within the time given. My provider has been there for me 1000%. Never late!! Pleasant and caring always asked how she can HELP!! I have only good things to say. You're wasting your own time, employer's time, gas and cash going to a doctor's office.


Fantastic providers and communication. Ease of use, virtual appointments, on-time for every appointment. They are quick and thorough.


Because they get right to the main issues. Most doctors I have seen go through a trial and error diagnosis that goes on for a year or more.


The app makes everything really easy and both providers I've seen so far have been wonderful. I couldn't find any doctors in my area that weren't insanely expensive so this app has been a lifesaver!


Circle Medical has been such a great platform to see a care provider! I have had such a great experience with the ease of using the platform as well as the providers. Thank you!


Simple and easy. My PCP. Is absolutely amazing, super helpful, kind and understanding. It was also very affordable and convenient and worked well with my insurance.


I LOVE my practitioner from Circle Medical. She is caring and careful. She adjusts my meds as needed. She has made a difference in my health and well being.


I’ve received better medical care from my provider than I ever have in-person and, all at the ease of doing so online, in my home.


The staff that looks out for me...cares for me! I feel they have a very genuine concern for my wellbeing! That means the world to me. It's not just a quick face-time chat, or that feeling of ever being rushed, I truly feel my provider, who's been with me for some time now, actually cares about my health and how best to keep me in the great shape I am now!


I like being able to talk face-to-face to a great provider without having to take a whole day off of work to go to doctor's appointment, and I can get primary care and other services all in one place.


At-home appointments, wonderful providers and customer service when I need to speak with my provider. Can’t recommend enough especially for a busy, full time working mom of 3!


I absolutely appreciate my provider. She is respectful and very approachable. Every experience has been positive.


I have tried a few online medical providers and they did not have very good communication. Circle Medical has been great with communication and responses! Would recommend them to anyone!


Everything is very easy to use and convenient. Everyone I have interacted with from Circle has been so nice and helpful as well.


My provider is great, very attentive and a great listener. This app makes my life so much easier and convenient when it comes to keeping up with my health.


Well I saw the reviews. Also importantly it was a virtual appointment. Working for a school district where there is a shortage of substitutes is makes it difficult at times to take off and go to a doctor in person. This was so much more convenient for me.


Fantastic doctors, NPs, communication. Ease of use, virtual appointments, on time for every appointment. They are quick and thorough.


My practitioner was extremely friendly and empathetic, and an expert at ADHD and ADD so he knew exactly how to help me and with questions to ask.


I like all three providers I have interacted with on Circle Medical. They are friendly and easy to talk with.


The app is easy to use, appointment scheduling is convenient, there are lots of providers to choose from, and the providers are supportive, explain things well, and are non-judgemental.


Care is personal and effective. I appreciate them taking a moment to understand how I am doing. Never rushed.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I choose a virtual telemedicine appointment over going to my doctor’s office?

Virtual appointments allow our patients to see their providers in the comfort of their own homes. Our providers are also able to offer more flexible hours beyond what in-person doctor’s offices provide.

What if I need in-person testing or examinations?

If any in-person care is needed, such as bloodwork, vaccinations, or other testing, our providers are able to send the appropriate request to one of our 4,000+ partner lab locations that is convenient for you. Results will be integrated with our HIPAA-compliant mobile app so that patients have access to all of their medical records in one secure place.

How much does this cost me?

For those with insurance, cost will depend on the specific type of care you receive and the coverage of your insurance plan. We provide a cost estimate based on each patient’s insurance plan when they book an appointment.

For those without insurance, we provide the self-pay costs of each appointment when a patient is booking their appointment.

What states do you operate in?

Circle Medical is currently offering care in over 30 states and the District of Columbia. To see our full list of currently available states, begin booking an appointment.

You must be currently residing in the state of treatment as well as have your primary pharmacy be in that same state in order to be a patient at our practice.

How long are the appointments?

The first intake appointment is 30 minutes. Follow-up appointments are 20 minutes each.


How do I know how much my specific appointment will cost?

We provide a cost estimate when you are booking your appointment. For those with insurance, your actual cost is determined after we submit the insurance claim for your appointment. Once we submit the claim, insurance companies will pay for a portion of the appointment and pass on any remaining cost to you. Once we know what this cost is, we will update you with an invoice within the app.

When do I get charged for my appointment?

For those with insurance, it typically takes 1-3 weeks for the insurance claim to be processed. Once processed, we’ll send you an invoice within the app with any remaining costs. You can then opt to pay through the app, or we will automatically charge the payment card on file after 48 hours of sending you the invoice.

For those without insurance (or with out of network insurance), we will send you the invoice 1-2 days after your appointment is completed. You can then opt to pay through the app, or we will automatically charge the payment card on file after 48 hours of sending you the invoice.


What insurance do you accept?

We accept over 1,500+ insurance plans. We cover most of the major PPO insurance companies (payors) across the United States. The best way to confirm coverage of your insurance plan is to begin booking an appointment on our website or via our mobile app. During the booking process, you’ll be prompted to enter your insurance information for a real-time verification of your insurance plan.

What if I am having issues verifying my insurance plan coverage?

The best way to confirm your insurance plan coverage is to call the Member Services phone number on the back of your insurance card. If needed, you can reference our Tax ID#: 474883537 and our NPI: 1134596091. Once you are able to confirm your coverage and your primary care copay costs, you can use the in-app chat to message our team with the information. We’ll then follow up with confirmation.

What is the total cost of diagnosis and treatment?

Your per-appointment costs are set by your insurance plan. If the costs seem high, you may be on a high deductible health plan (HDHP). This means that you have an annual out-of-pocket amount that you must pay on healthcare in a given year before your insurance plan will cover more of your per-appointment costs. 

If you are on an HDHP and have confirmed your insurance information in our mobile app, your remaining deductible for the year will be displayed on the “Book Appointment” page. Note that this amount may be outdated if you have had recent insurance claims processed.

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Same-day Availabilities

4.97 (6,344)

Full names have been changed in compliance with federal patient privacy laws.

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Real Wellness 360 patient reviews


Excellent! My provider is attentive, extremely knowledgeable and responsive to my concerns. I've finally found my primary care physician, and its really convenient. AAA+++.


Great service, very helpful and was able to give me the best advice to help me start a new trend in my lifestyle. Thank you!


I've never done an online  appt but it went very smoothly and my provider was very thorough and knowledgeable. Would definitely choose her again!


My provider is the best provider I’ve ever had. She’s caring, so intelligent, and really listens to me and hears me. I adore her, and would highly recommend Circle Medical to anyone looking primary care!


Saw the glowing reviews and decided to try Circle Medical for my annual wellness exam, and the expectations matched the experience. My provider was easy to talk to, informative, and punctual. And now I have found my primary care doctor.


My provider was EXTREMELY nice, personable, and truly seemed concerned with my health and well-being. Honestly the best doctor I have ever visited, in person or virtually. You can tell she is a genuinely nice person who is invested in doing good for people. I really appreciated her time and it was truly a pleasure meeting her! I HIGHLY recommend!!


The platform was user-friendly, the doctor was knowledgeable, and the communication was clear. The convenience of virtual appointments is invaluable, and I feel very satisfied with the quality of care received.


This doctor and service has renewed my faith in Healthcare


I’ve been doing research and data science in the medical space for 10 years, and this was the best doctor I’ve ever seen.


I was so nervous about a virtual appointment because I wasn't sure if I would be able to tackle all the concerns I had and be taken seriously. My provider was amazing, I was comfortable, walked away with no concerns and I believed she was genuinely there to help.


I recently had an amazing virtual visit. I cant express enough how grateful I am for my compassionate care and thoroughness. It was the best virtual healthcare experience I've ever had. My provider made me feel seen and heard from the start, took the time to listen to all my concerns and showed genuine understanding. Despite the virtual setting, her kindness and warmth shone through. She created a safe and non-judgmental environment, making me feel comfortable throughout the visit. I also want to commend the Circle Medical team for their welcoming atmosphere and efficient service. The overall experience exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend  Circle Medical for anyone seeking a knowledgeable and caring medical professional.


Great Doctor! I’m glad I chose Circle Medical!


Friendly, thorough, fast and effective questioning. My provider was knowledgeable and clearly explained the process for my needs.


Wonderful provider. Got exactly what I needed and it was quick, easy, and from my home! Thank you!


My provider was very knowledgeable and thorough in her exam, covered all the bases and made sure I know what to expect going forward


Truly grateful to be working with my provider. Her compassion and knowledge are unmatched. I finally feel like I’m going to get to the root cause of my symptoms. Thank you!


Telehealth appointment was great, provider was very thorough and answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend.


Really attentive and did not make me seem crazy for failing to see a doctor for all of my problems in some time.


Phenomenal experience. Very kind and patient doctor


My provider is the absolute best! She answered all my questions via messages, helped me get this appointment early, and then gave me reassurances that I am indeed on the right path, as well as explained to me more questions I had. Im so glad I have her as my Dr!


My provider was excellent! She made me feel comfortable, put my mind at ease and gave me some really good suggestions for my health. I would highly recommend Circle.


I’m extremely satisfied with the customer service, my provider is very knowledgeable and caring for her patients. Always follows up with me, to check my mental and physical health condition. Thank you so much again.


I was nervous at first, but my provider was able to make me feel comfortable. She explained everything. Thank you.


I had my first appointment today, and I can not say enough good things. My provider is extremely patient and explained everything in a way that was non-judgemental and extremely understanding.


Very thorough analysis and sharing of her advice. Excellent consultation, beyond my expectations.


Very easy to talk to, really calm and considerate did not feel rushed at all. Took a thorough history.


Two appointments so far and happy I made them! I can tell my provider loves her job and truly wants to help elevate some concerns. Great all around. I’m eager for my third check up next month. Uplifting experience.


Such a relief to finally find someone to help my elderly mom. My mom felt very comfortable talking with her.


My provider was absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate. I am so thankful to be getting the help I need.


My provider was very professional and courteous. He took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I was extremely satisfied with my appointment.

Thousands more reviews available upon request

Verify your insurance coverage without entering payment details.

To see if your plan is in network, select a provider and time and create an account. You will be able to check if your plan is in network without having to confirm your appointment or enter any payment information.

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